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Expedition Informations

Mountain expeditions are arranged to allow extreme mountaineers the freedom to explore the Himalayas for an extended period of time as they reach their destination. Advanced mountaineering equipment will be necessary as will a sizeable support team to provide necessary food, lodging and safety precautions.

Expedition FAQ
What level of fitness is required for an Expedition?
Expeditions are inherently very strenuous and taxing on the body due to the combination of intense physical exercise, duration and extreme altitudes. Preparation for the expedition is not only physical but also mental in duration and all participants should be in excellent physical shape with a determined but realistic mentality. All expedition participants should be familiar with current climbing techniques and have a background of climbing experience at altitudes of 6,000 meters before considering an expedition package.
What does your expedition service provide?
Good Karma Trekking provides a reliable support system for your trip having successfully completed countless expedition packages to some of the most scenic, challenging and remote regions of Nepal. Our programs are highly customizable based on the need of your group and offer a complete trekking team including local guides, Sherpa’s, technical climbing experts, full base camp and legal support.
How will food and supplies be managed on the trip?
Supplies including advanced trekking equipment and meals will be provided at basecamp and will be transported with your friendly expedition staff.  All necessary hiking gear can be provided in advance, or you may use your own equipment. Good Karma knows that proper nutrition is essential for expedition teams and we provide full board consisting of 3 meals consisting of dietary staples providing all the necessary carbohydrates and proteins that are essential to high elevation expeditions. These will consist of meals including a variety of local courses, vegetables, soups, teas and breads to ensure that your needs are met and you can focus on your trip and recovery. We also customize to meet the needs of all clients in need of special dietary assistance for those on a restricted or limited diet.
The administrative procedure can often be daunting for expeditions requiring many permits, deposits and regulation in accordance with the local governmental and conservation standards. All necessary logistics will be provided by Good Karma Trekking from our office in Kathmandu.
What safety precautions does the team take?
Expeditions are inherently risky in nature due to strenuous exercise and high elevations. You can res assured that our staff is equipped with the latest medical devices to provide support in case of emergency. All participants should be aware of Acute Mountain Sickness which can arise at high elevation and alert the team if they feel any symptoms during the trip. All necessary medications and precautionary measures are available from Good Karma Trekking.
What if I need an Emergency Rescue?
In the event of a severe injury or sickness a helicopter rescue will be arranged to transport you to a safe environment or local hospital. We travel with emergency contact devices to ensure your safety is never more than a call away and can arrange transport in a short period of time. However, emergency assistance is not provided in our service package but insurance can be purchased for a reasonable fee to protect against the high costs of an emergency rescue.
Am I allowed to do filming or create a documentary of the trip?
Local governance has limited to document and record your trip and you must obtain the necessary permits and authorizations to create your film. Such documentation is free of fees although a Sensor fee is required by the government which can be arranged in advance by Good Karma Trekking Staff.

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