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Hiking In Nepal

Small country Nepal is like natural garden. Nepal is famous for trekking but hiking holidays as well.  With world’s top mountain on the northern side, the most part of the land is covered with bounty hills. The lush green valley in the gorge, beautiful villages on the lap of the mountain and the white water running river at the bottoms are another charms and all these make hikers feel excited and thrilling. On the background of the highest white-mountains, hikers may enjoy the green filled valleys and hills beneath the clear blue sky. The chill air that flows around of the water falls, the chirps of birds and encounter with her marvelous animals will certainly relief one from the stress and crowded life. Hiking around the villages a few kilometers far from Kathmandu the visitors come to feel at least a bit about the soul of the country and of Buddha.

Hiking In Nepal

Actually, as the country is full of green lush valley most of them are beautiful and alluring. Still we have chosen some best and cute from other many not much far from kathmandu valley are as follows.

Shivapuri Hiking
Shivapuri is second highest hill that surrounds Kathmandu valley and situated on the north of valley with an altitude of 2563m. As the trip of hiking starts after breakfast, we drive to renowned art module temple called budhaneelkantha, which seems floating on the pond but carved of one stone. The god Narayan is lying down on the bed of snakes, all of them are made up of the same stone as the image of the god is made. The temple is 8km far from valley. We start hiking and from the point and walkthrough the Shivapuri conservation where more than 500 species of birds and animal are nesting. The hike starts from the southern boundary of conservation and passing through dusty steep trail we continue the trip to the Nagi Gompa (Monastery for the Nuns and some who comes to practice meditation and Buddhism) which is situated at an altitude of 2330m. In clear day we can have lunch gazing at mountain. We feel fresh and then again we trail down to Kopan and drive back to kathamdu.

Phulchowki Hiking
Phulchowki, is the most beautiful botanical garden, lies on the southern part, 14km far from kathmandu valley, with an altitude of 2782m. Trip starts after breakfast with pack lunch and we gradually hike uphill through the sub-tropical forest watching the herds of birds as well we gaze the massive Himalayan ranges of Annapurna and Gaurishankar far in the horizon and the magnificent view of Kathmandu valley from the hill top, and then we fool around the garden and head towards Godawari. After all about 2 hours drive will take us back to Kathmandu at hotel. 

A short hikes to Nagarjun
A green lush hill on the north-west of kathmandu and 10 minutes drive from the center. Inside at the green forest there is a palace of the ex-Royal family. Still the king who is expelled out of Narayanhiti Royal palace is living there.

Two hours walk up to the hill present you a historical peak called Jamacho peak(6300fr.) The religious myth networked from the hill is that a Ngarujun used the cave on the hill to meditate where once a buffalo herder came to him and give him curd and milk. The days continued and once the herder asked the master to come down. But he refused the idea and asked the herder to meditate. Herder can do nothing more. He just hangs over the buffaloes. Later master cursed him and in real the herder became buffalo. The horn appeared and he struck the ceiling of the cave and made hole above. Master told him to contemplate the body naturally. He continued meditating, of the result looks of his body changed as it before and the perception was more sharp and creative later on. He then flew straightly through the hole he made to the Dakiniís Paradise. From this fairy tale people pay their homage to the cave which is known as the Cave of Buffalo Buddha.

Dhulikhel Hiking
Dhulikhel is most famous for the view of the mountain and even is known as cultural theme park of the Newar community. The whole city is like the garden of arts and skill. The bare bricks walled houses is with full of the wooden carved windows, the temples aside the road is on pagoda styles, introducing the itself the more ancient town with charm and beauty.

Dhulikhel with an altitude of 1440m is world famous spot for the sunrise. Just bellow the hill top lush green the bounty valleys arise gradually to the cluster of the white mountain. Early in the morning to the late in the evening the rising sun dyed the mountain with different color. The romance of the sun and its color on massive mountain develop the atmosphere to extreme point of excitement and thrilling. The place is the most one even for the couples from Nepal.   

The major places of worship here are the Narayan and Harisiddhi temples which are adored with profuse wood carvings. The Bhagawati temple is situated at a height in the western part of Dhulikhel and dominates the skyline. The Gokhureswar Mahadev temple, a 30 minutes walk to the eastern part of town, is a peaceful and scenic spot. From here, you can get a beautiful vista of the town and surrounding areas.

Nagarkot Hiking
Nagarkot situated an elevation of 2175 m, 32 km east of Katmandu, is a widely known hill resort even from the world. Among the other spot for sunrise, sunset tour, the spot is adored with the spectacular view of the mountains. The mountain ranges that can be zoomed-in with binocular are beyond one’s imagination. One can luxuriously point out the world famous highest mountain just sitting under the roof of the rotary house. The glorious views of those mountains are Mt. Everest, Mt. Knachanjunga, Dhaulagiri Ranges, Mt. Lhotse, Mt. Cho Oyu, Mt Makalu.

Hiking In Nepal

Apart from the views of the mountains Nagarkot, with an altitude of 1440m, is world famous spot for the sunrise. Just bellow the pin-pointed hill top lush green bounty valleys with forest arise gradually to the cluster of the white-mountain. Early in the morning to the late in the evening the rising sun dyed the mountain with different color. The romance of the sun and its color on massive mountain develop the atmosphere to extreme point of excitement and thrilling. The place is the most one even for the couples from Nepal. 

Nagarkot, surrounded by terraced hillsides and picturesque farm houses, the hilltop resort is the epitome of an idyllic escape. Short hiking options abound.The most popular walk leads down from Nagarkot along a ridge to the temple of Changu Narayan-with views of Sankhu village to the right and Bhaktapur to the left.

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