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Voluntering With Good Karma

Voluntering With Good KarmaGood Karma Trekking (P)LTD Located in Kathmandu Nepal has multiple Volunter opportunities available in the beautiful country of Nepal. Volunteers have the opportunity to participate in a variety of educational and community aid programs.

This will give Volunters a chance to make an important contribution to the people of Nepal and while doing so gain an in depth experience of the country and its culture, that will stay with you the rest of your life. Grab the opportunity of doing any kinds of volunter services here in Nepal we have followings choices carefully designed for you.

Our Objective

Our objective for Volunteer services are not with the purpose of Business , our main mission and objective to organize the volunteer services are very clear .

1)To make co-ordination & partnership with stakeholders at all level for proper utilization of local resources for the development programes through Volunter services .

2) To empower and inclusion the awareness level and capability of the disadvantaged and marginalized people especially women and children of the rural community.

3) To uplift the economic level of pro-poor people through relevant enterprises with skill and technology dissemination by exploring the indigenous knowledge overtime.

4) To extend and develop the market mechanism to encourage local production and its distribution. To design and implement the development projects by addressing the development goal adopted by the state


Home Stay/Cultural Exchange

Voluntering With Good KarmaThis is a fantastic way to get more out of a trip to Nepal, especially if your time is short. You will be placed with a Nepali family as soon as you arrive in Nepal, and will live in a small rural village or within a city. During your home stay you will learn about all aspects of Nepali culture, lifestyle, food, and be able to attend 2 hours of language lessons in the morning and in the afternoon. As the experience will be a cultural exchange, you should also try to offer your host family some knowledge of your own home culture and customs as well. Home stay programs can only be arranged for two weeks or one month. the time when most large local festivals take place resulting in an overall more exciting experience , and we have numerous home saty programe for volunters these days in village like Ghale Ghale of Lamjung which is model village of Nepal.

Community Maintenance Program

Community Maintenance ProgramThis is an opportunity to help in a wide range of practical village-based projects. These projects could be as basic as painting or plastering, however, those with additional skills may be able to help in more advanced work. Projects are usually decided upon in consultation with local communities, but you can use your initiative to suggest projects of your own. It is vital to be sensitive to the needs and wishes of the local community. Projects are usually partly funded by the communities and partly by our partner organisation and/or volunteer contributions. You'll work with other volunteers in small groups, usually with minimal supervision. Often you'll also work alongside villagers, learning about traditional methods of building and working. Example projects include school repair and decoration; toilet building; drinking water projects; road drainage projects; recycling projects; stove building, and construction work on our partner organisation's own children's home. You can also take more of an environmental education focus by informing children about appropriate waste disposal, recycling, composting, and creating vegetable and flower gardens in the childrens homes

Health Education

The main focus of the health education program is prevention of health complications by way of regular basic health checks and teaching children about health, personal hygiene, and sanitation. All health volunteers will be based in a children’s home and assist the health team in leading health fun days in schools and children’s homes, maintaining health records, and dealing with health complications as they arise (i.e. taking a child to the hospital, administering basic first aid, etc.) Please note that for this program we prefer medical students or advanced degree holders. Depending on experience/qualifications, there are various roles health volunteers can undertake, however this is not a medical program and you should not expect to be performing any medical procedures. Volunteers are required to submit their resume/CV when making an application for this program and we help them to choose the hospital most matching with their background.

Children's Homes

Children's Homes VolunteringIn this program volunteers will be placed in a children's home located within a one and a half hour bus ride from the heart of Kathmandu. Your role as a volunteer is to be a big brother or sister to the children. Other tasks may include helping with medical visits, cleaning, paper recycling, gardening, teaching the house mothers how to clean properly, doing repairs, mending clothing, planning activities for after school, and perhaps preparing meals. Once the children return from school, your role will be to assist and encourage them with their homework as well as play with them. Some of the older children may be encouraged to develop skills that could help them in later life such as paper making, sewing, or maintenance work,

Volunter in Buddhist Monestry

Volunter in Buddhist MonestryAre you interested on Tibetian Buddhist culture or way of Life ? ” we have numerous Monestry located in Kathmandu , Pokhara and other major trekking trail .or Volunteer Program. This is a great opportunity for volunteers who want to Teach English in the monasteries. There are several Tibetan refugees Camps and Monasteries that house hundreds of Tibetan kids taking Buddhist monk educational training in Kathmandu to preserve the amazing cultural richness of Tibet and Buddhism practice.

Volunteers will teach English to the monks, both young and old, for around 3 to 5 hours every day. Volunteers can also have a chance to participate in some monasteries run programs & meditation during free time. This program combines religious learning & research through Volunteering

Agricultaral Voluntering

Agricultaral VolunteringNepal is Agriculture majority country of south Asia. More than 80% people are engaging in Agricultural works but have no good output due to lack of Skilled Agriculture manpower and modern technology. The main objective of organizing Agriculture Volunteering program is to helping Rural Farmer to increase food production. This program includes help to farmer, help to making Agriculture infrastructure, participating Agricultural works, sharing new idea, working at field with farmer, suggest to improving Agriculture System, preparing Rural Agriculture Report, encourage to villagers for produce vegetable etc. The volunteers of Agriculture get opportunity of learn traditional way of farming, labor exchange system, free labor system, production share system and other system

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