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Yoga And Meditation In Nepal

Yoga and meditationYoga is an ancient science to develop the body, Explore the mind and evolve spiritually. Yoga is a way of life that integrates the body, mind and spirit. Asanas are designed to loosen all the joints, tone and strengthen the organs and purify the systems that help you feel energized and healthy.Pranayamas generate and balance the vital energies (Ida and Pingala) and concentrate and calm the mind. Mudra and Bandhas: Mudras are attitudes of energy which link the pranic force with the cosmic force. Bandhas lock the pranas in particular areas in the body in order to redirect their flow in the sushumna. Relaxation: Yoga Nidra is a systematic method of inducing complete physical, mental, and emotional relaxation. It is the borderline state of mind between sleep and wakefulness. When you are able to relax, the subconscious and unconscious levels of the mind open. If you practice Yoga Nidra, then the nature of your mind can be changed, hidden tensions within can be released, psychosomatic diseases can be cured and your creative talent can be restored.

Yoga and meditationMeditation practices are designed to systematically lead the mind to a deeper inner space of peace and harmony, release anxiety and tension, empower you in life and help you explore your inner essence.

Yogic Shakarmas:
Jala Neti alleviates all nasal problems and helps cure ear, nose, throat, and and eye problems.
Kunjal Kriya helps with all respiratory and digestive problems as well as tension and migraine.
Shankhaprakshalana eradicates gastric and intestinal problems, purifies the blood and helps with psychosomatic problems.

Satsanga deals with the theory and practice of Yoga.
Satyananda Yoga Centre students will receive a complete Yoga sadhana (guidance in Yogic practice) that will help promote and maintain good health, peace of mind and spiritual growth.

A middle mountain place (1300m) were those who love contact with nature can stay in the authenticity of deep Nepal. A place for bring yours groups for Yoga & meditation in a holy valley .A few hours away from Kathmandu in the middle of nature and five minutes from several villages are found in the Mountain hotel,"The Two Rivers Lodge" It is hedge rounded by flowers and banana trees. Two rivers meet 300m from the lodge that adjoins a small forest. 18 rooms of which 12 have shower and WC attached, running water (hot water in the winter season). Simple comfort yet rare in the mountains of Nepal

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